© Ines Meyer-Hoess

© Ines Meyer-Hoess


Austria in Action

Location: Vienna, Austria

Dates: July 15 – August 15, 2015

 Lead Faculty: Ines A. Meyer-Hoess

Program Description:

The Department of Communication Arts and Sciences prepares students to better grasp and harness the power of communication in the personal, professional, and public spheres while also seeking to open students’ minds to the complexities of human affairs. Offering students to fully immerse themselves in a different culture for an entire month and focus on a few specific aspects while abroad provides a unique chance to support our mission: Students get to work on academic, inter- and intra-personal, career, and intercultural development outcomes.

The University of Vienna is the largest teaching and research institution in Austria, a safe and prosperous country located in the heart of Europe. The Department of Communication, founded after World War II, has a long tradition of making contributions to the social sciences.  Some areas faculty and students focus on include the theory of media and democracy, rhetoric, political communication, journalism, media law, public relations, advertising and the study of new information systems.

All students will register for six credits, i.e., for both courses offered.  The courses will be taught at the Department of Communication’s brand new facility at Waehringer Strasse 29, 1090 Vienna.


Program Goals:

Our program offers a plethora of formal and informal opportunities to engage in dialogue with Austrians of a variety of backgrounds. The goal is to improve students’ intercultural competence: Attitudes such as curiosity and the willingness to step beyond one’s (cultural) comfort zones, skills such as observing, listening, and analyzing, plus, being adaptable and showing empathy are a requirement to successfully complete and fully benefit from this program. The objective is to provide students with an immersive experience abroad to enhance self-reflection, flexibility, and sensitivity in intercultural communication settings that can be applied to both personal and professional environments.


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